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I have known Sam from her days in Enterprise Foods. Then already I was impressed by here ability to listen and the calmness with which she embraced life. Sam has been a friend and confidant over the past 8 years. Her psychic abilities are phenomenal and as a medium she has helped me accept the loss of a parent. I can recommend Samantha with an open heart ~ TP ~ Melbourne

Samantha has enhanced my perceptions, as well as highlighted the fact that we are surrounded by life forces and energy flows, that when acknowledged and embraced bring about positivity that unequivocally reshaped my personal life, my staff and our family business. I would call Samantha a reiki master, a guru, a mentor and a life coach. I am indebted to Samantha for touching so many people's lives with her magic ~ ST ~ South Africa

Samantha is an expert in her field. She adds value through her ability to relate to people and meet them where they're at. She is personable, while always being totally professional, and can be relied on to be completely trustworthy. Her love for her field sets her apart and she has the ability to give understanding to others, no matter what their past experience has been. Her strength is that she does her work with love and compassion, and for the greater good. 
I can highly recommend Samantha. ~ LS ~ Auckland

Samantha has been an enormous support to me over the years, providing guidance from numerous differing aspects, including Reiki, reflexology, psychic readings & counselling and house cleansing - not always giving me than answers I've wanted to hear, but invariably giving me those answers or insights that prove to be right. She is an incredibly gifted person with a true vocation for helping and uplifting others - unique in an environment that has all too often gained a negative reputation from some who are neither as gifted nor as truthful. I no longer live in South Africa, but regularly contact Samantha telephonically and via email for ongoing guidance and advice ~ NE ~ New Zealand

I have known Sam since 30th October 2009. From our very first meeting, Sam has made my outlook on life that much better. She has helped me to reach unknown boundaries and given me back the confidence I had so sorely missed. I no longer live in South Africa, but have continued communicating with Sam and she has continued to counsel me and offer medical diagnostics. Sam has an incredibly positive attitude that draws people to her. I know this because many of my friends have subsequently been to see her and they all feel the same way.
Sam is a natural, accurately gifted professional who is sensitive, caring and demonstrates empathy for others above and beyond any ambition she may have for herself.
Sam has an extraordinary gift that I feel could benefit anyone who comes into contact with her. ~ VM ~ Sydney

Samantha has helped me on numerous occasions through Reiki treatments and spiritual counseling. Having to deal with some extremely challenging personal circumstances, I found Sam was immediately able to see right into the heart of the issues without the need for hours of consultation. Her insight provided such clarity and reason that she quickly enabled me to find resolution and peace. Sam has worked with me over 1/2 dozen occasions and every time I am not only enlightened, but genuinely amazed at her talent and personable nature. VK ~ Oslo