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The dictionary definition of “reflex” is:( n) an image produced by reflection. 

REFLEXOLOGY is based on the principle discovered in ancient times that every organ, gland and body part,

even skin, has its reflection on an area of one’s feet, “reflex area”.

"Reflexology enables the body's regenerative powers to fight disease and imbalance".  -Anthony J. Porter, England

A Reflexologist uses hands only to apply pressure to the feet. 

For each person the application and the effect of the therapy are unique. 

Sensitive, trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet, and by working on these points the Reflexologist can release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the whole body. 

Tensions are eased and circulated and elimination is improved. 

This gentle therapy encourages the body to heal itself, often counteracting a lifetime of misuse.

All Reflexology sessions are performed with a healing meditation and an alignment of crystals over your chakra points.

Short-term effects of Reflexology.

Release of toxins, mental and physical

Increase in circulation of blood and lymph

Relaxation of tense muscles

Encourages over- or under-active areas of the body to act normally

Increase in body awareness

Calming of the mind

Long-term effects of Reflexology

The overall long-term effects are relaxation, homeostasis and a feeling of wellbeing. 

Improved sleeping patterns

Coping better with stressful situations

Increased energy & vitality

Increase in body awareness

Strengthened immune system

Constant homeostasis in the body

Balance in the body system as a whole