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I have been a practicing psychic medium for over fifteen years, bridging the divide between the worlds of the physical and our spirit guides.  I have been gifted with an ability that I am privileged to share with this world.

A Little bit about me 🌸

In the beginning

I was born in Irvine, Scotland and immigrated to South Africa at the age of four, where I grew up, met my husband and started my family. Throughout the years my travels have taken me across the world including extended stays in the Caribbean, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. 
I now live happily in Australia with my family.

My gift that I share with the world is the ability to comunicate with spirit. 
I have had this ability from a little girl, although at that stage I had no idea that they were spirits that I was talking too. I was convinced that they were friends created by my imagination.
My understanding of spirits came much later in life after the passing of my mother. This provided vaildation of my ability to communicate with the spirit world and was the beginning of my life journey. My gift was born when I realised that I could connect with other peoples' spirit guides and loved ones and could pass along messages from the afterlife. My connection to my mother remains strong and she is still bossy and still telling me what to do.

What I do now
I enable you to connect to your guides and loved ones and pass along their messages and guidance to you. 
Very early in my journey into the understanding of the spirit world I realised that sometimes each and every one of us has a need for help of a different kind, to allow us to release negative emotions and baggage. 
Something each and every one us, myself included, has a bad habit of holding on to. 

I utilise the healing modalities of channelled communication,  Reflexology and Reiki to enable you to release and recognise the negative emotions stored within you, transforming your awareness of life, your emotions etc from hardship to happiness.
I endeavour to teach you how to reduce your stress and ultimately live the life of your dreams, connecting you with the deeper part of yourself. 
The part that is capable of connecting you with your spirit, the part that knows that there is more to this life than what meets the eye.

My Passion

My passion is to enable you to master both your emotions as well as your reactions to life,
To incorporate harmony and awareness into your everyday life,
To open up all of the six senses that you were born with,
To enable both your physical body and your mind to manifest the life that you desire.

"The sky really is the limit" 
when you become aware that you are the only person who controls and directs your destiny.


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