Coomera, Queensland, Australia

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Mediumship Readings

I have been working as an Intuitive Medium for 20 years, 

helping people connect from this world to the next.

Providing guidance and insight from the world of Spirit by connecting with your family members and Spirit Guides. 

I am also very blessed to be able to tap into your life contract to help you find your true calling and direction in life. 

I love the work that I do.

Having a mediumship reading, is a very personal process. 

It involves a direct channelling from your guides to you.

Your guides will help you to understand a bit more about what is YOU.

They will provide you with an-indepth account of the years in your life 

that had the greatest effect on your emotional development and then provide you with tools to let go of the negative emotional associations that these blockages are creating in the in your life at this moment.

Your guides will provide you with direction in your life, opening up doors and opportunities that you may never have considered prior to your reading.

If a loved one has crossed over and wishes to communicate with you, your guides will open up the channels of communication so that your loved one can pass their message along to you during your reading.

Mediumship readings are performed face to face or online 

via Skype, FaceTime &  Facebook messenger video .